Copywriters, Tips to Double Your Productivity


Not enough hours and too much to do? We may not be able to add more hours to our day but we can find ways of being more productive with the time we have. Here’s a few tips to being more productive in 2015.

1. Have All Your Tools Ready

All of the best techniques in the world can’t help your productivity if you’re getting up to find your pencil, jumping up to make a brew or looking for your logins. Tools vary from writer to writer, however; make sure you’re fully charged if leaving your desk and that you have you list of to-dos at the ready. Making sure you have everything you need ready when you begin will also help keep down ‘lost time’ and set the pace for the day.

2. Organise Your Bookmarks

What was that site called again? If you had it bookmarked properly, you’d already have it opened. For the purposes of encouraging…

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