GIMP vs Photoshop


There’s so many software to help you work in the digital media field, especially in this case, lets talk a bit about GIMP, some say that it is the Adobe Photoshop killer since it is open source and free, lets see shall we?

I’ve used GIMP to edit some of my work, and I have also used Photoshop extensively, I have to say, for an open source and free software GIMP performs really well with it’s many tools that are actually similar to Photoshop, some effects are a bit more rough than Photoshop though gimp-vs-ps-11

Full article HERE

Here we can see that GIMP processed lights a bit differently than Photoshop, in my opinion it looks kind of artificial because it cannot retain the details in the overexposured area as well as Photoshop. on more example is the picture of this girl with lake behind her.

gimp-vs-ps-11 2

Full article HERE

In this picture…

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