My First Press Release

Alexis Burbul

Just a couple of weeks ago, I wrote what might be considered the most important press release a person can write before their career even starts. It wasn’t a class assignment, or a Facebook announcement about some milestone occasion. It was…my cover letter.

How was I supposed to fit on one page a plea to “Please, please” hire me?! I knew the basics, display all of your talents and qualifications in order to show that you’re right for the job. But the specifics, however, were more related to public relations than I anticipated.

Using the correct wording in a cover letter is crucial. In PR class, we discussed “The Curse of ‘Spin'”, and the fine line between creating a connection through embellishment and lying. This is a struggle many find when writing cover letters, and can be especially seen in the struggle between seeming approachable and appropriate.

What I’ve…

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