Presentation Doesn’t Mean Panic


Presenting is something most college students dread. Professors can say relax, breathe, no need to be nervous, but those are easier said than done. As public relations students, presenting is something you’re going to have to do sooner than later. Although the best thing to do is practice, practice, practice, here are some other methods used to become an expert presenter.

presentation blog post

1. Research Your Audience
Knowing who you are presenting to can benefit your presentation. If they are seeking out some specific information, make sure to go the extra length in presenting that material. Also, if you can relate to the audience and get them involved, your presentation will feel more like a conversation than a lecture.

2. Prepare Yourself
Know what you are talking about. If you do have visual aids or bullet points, it should only be a guideline, not something to read word-for-word. You will sound more…

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