The difference between marketing, advertising and PR

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By: Raquel M.
February 26, 2014


Clients ask me all the time to explain the difference between marketing, advertising and PR.  And after twenty years, I still haven’t found an easier way to explain it,

Here’s a famous saying that illustrates these differences:

If the circus comes to town and you paint a sign that says- “Circus Coming to Fairground Saturday,” that’s advertising.

If you put a sign on the back of an elephant and walk him into town, that’s promotion.

If the elephant walks through the mayor’s flowerbed, that’s publicity.

If you can get the mayor to laugh about it, that’s public relations.

And if you planned the elephants walk, that’s marketing.”

If the town’s citizens go to the circus, you show them the many entertainment booths, explain how much fun they’ll have spending money at the booths, answer their questions and ultimately, they spend a lot of money…

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