Pack your lunch!

In our digital social media class, our instructor challenged us to maintain a weekly blog.  I am here to take that challenge.  He recommended that we write on any topic of our choosing.  With my game-face on,  I decided that my first blog would be about the reasons I take my lunch to school.

I was one of those people in my early twenties who bought a lunch from Subway, Pizza Pizza, or Mr. Greek.  In 2000, lunch, a real lunch that could fill your stomach cost $7-9.  In 2013, that same lunch will cost you $12-15.  Multiply that figure for five days and we’re looking at approximately $70-80 a week or $280-$320 a month.  For one year, you’re spending $3640-$4160 on lunch alone.  Is $4000 worth fifteen minutes of your time first thing in the morning?


Reap these benefits from bringing a lunch from home: 

1.  You know what you’re eating.  You decide what’s in your meals.

2.  You can pack as much as you want knowing that it will cost less than the closest fast food restaurant or cafeteria, and you will be full.

3.  You will have more disposable income.

Think about how much you can save if you brought a lunch from home.   I challenge you to take that extra time to pack your lunch to work or school.  Your body and your wallet will thank you.

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments below.


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